Miyavi - Though the good old days

Though the good old days


Why do we live? Why do we die?

Like grass, flowers and animals, everything.

Still I cannot understand.

And still we live desperately full-powered.

Repeating days, just spinning around.

We don’t live just for dying,

still we die for living.

Everybody thought I was looking some sense about that.


Even though life isn’t just pain,

although it isn’t just pleasure.

When there are mountains there are also valleys…

The sea, sky and I’m also here.

Even if I think that there are nights that I wanna escape,

there isn’t nights without morning.

So… We dream about tomorrow.


I walk, I walk…

Those summer memories go away with the landscape.

Don’t disappear, don’t disappear.

I even try to pray,

when the bubbles of memories breaks…


When you close your eyes, everybody there it is,

when you listen hard, laugh,

when you reach out your hand, it’s almost as you can’t touch it,

but when you open your eyes you’re all alone.

Sometimes the past and loneliness press against your chest,

but still… Still we dream


Walking, we continue walking,

along with the landscape.

Also summer memories, are forgotten.

Don’t disappear, don’t disappear.

I even try to pray,

when the bubbles of memories breaks.


Just to remind you…

Forever, I keep singing.

Can you hear it?


And when…this song,

has reached you,

then I think that we can be together,

and laugh?

Because time hasn’t changed since we played.

Maybe you can tell me a stupid joke?


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2009-09-30 @ 02:07:30
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Miyavi<3 :D

2010-03-28 @ 12:52:44
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